The Chrysler 200 is a Smart Pick for a Teen Driver

You want your teenager to learn how to drive, lest you’re up for chauffeuring your son or daughter and their friends around when they have places to go. But your parental instincts also want to keep your loved ones protected. We here at our Portland, OR area Chrysler dealership have a great option to satisfy both those needs. Come on over today and check out the new 2016 Chrysler 200, a highly safe sedan that’s perfect for new drivers.

While the available safety systems that monitor and respond to potential hazards on the road are great in the new Chrysler 200, you’ll still want to impart all your safe driving wisdom upon your teenaged driver. Combining safe driving habits with high-end technology is a smart way to instill confidence in any parent of a teenager on the road.

Head on over to Dick Hannah Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram today and see if the Chrysler 200 is the right choice for your teen driver.

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